Green Solution

The Green Solution

EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) is a lightweight cellular material derived from petroleum and natural gas by-products. EPS sheets and boards and on floors. Loose beads are used as aggregate in lightweight concrete, plasters and renderings. Other uses include under-floor heating systems, drainage boards, permanent formwork, foundation and prefabricated wall systems.

Low Carbon Footprint

As thermal insulation, EPS saves up to 400 times the energy originally required to manufacture the base product.green_guide_ratings

No CFC’s

EPS consists of organic materials, making it one of the most ecologically harmless products available.

Conserves Energy

The excellent thermal insulation performance of EPS makes it an efficient and effective solution.

Easily Disposable

Correctly incinerated, 100kg of EPS leaves just 0.01kg ash & emissions are non-toxic.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

The Life Cycle Assessment from manufacture to disposal supports the environmental impact benefits of EPS for sustainable building and development


EPS is recycled into a variety of products such as picture frames, curtain rods, skirting & decking. It can also be broken down, mixed with refuse & burnt as fuel, or provide aeration which assists in the breakdown of organice matter in landfills.