With the growth of the South African construction industry it has been realised that alternatives to the tradition of brick and mortar are going to have to be used to enable the building demand to be met.Expanded polystyrene (EPS) building systems are commonplace in the rest of the world primarily because of EPS’s thermal insulation properties and light weight.


Product Description

EPS building block which acts as a permanent formwork for a reinforced concrete infill and is used for building houses, perimeter and retaining walls, infill panels for steel frame construction, agricultural buildings and high rise developments. The block stays in place acting as a thermal insulator for the building. The system is finished by using a propriety EPS plaster.


The EPS block walls are 30mm thick. Polyblock ‘K’ is a knock down block where long distance transport is an issue. Variblock ‘R’ is a retaining wall system which allows the outer EPS walls to be spaced at any distance apart to suit the concrete width dimensions required for the retaining walls.

System Application
  • Build foundations, either strip or raft as normal keeping foundations as level as possible. Foundations should be stepped by 300mm to suit the height of the block.
  • Place 1m long starter bars in the foundations (100mm deep) at corners, wall joins, on either sides of windows and doors with spacing between1,2 -1,5 m between bars.
  • Place first row of ABPPolyblocks to floor plan leaving spaces for door frames. Ensure all blocks are level.
  • Insert first Y8 horizontal rebar continuously above first block bending around corners by 300mm.
  • Place ABPPolyblocks 3 high and fill with 15MPa concrete.
  • When concrete set place next 3 rows, fit windows or formwork for windows and continue to fill with concrete placing further 1m lengths of rebar vertically, in line with the starter bars.
  • Use timber or fibre cement formwork above window openings to hold concrete in place above window openings.
  • Above windows and doors insert 2 x Y8 rebar lengths continuously on top of first block above openings to create ring beam and lintel.
  • Attach hoop iron or wire to the ring beam to secure roof sub structure and fill with concrete to wall top.
  • When wall work is complete and the internal concrete fully set, plaster with a plaster solution to 6mm thickness.

Reference:ABP Building Products